I mounted my Master of Fine Arts thesis show, titled “Guys in Caves,” in the Diefenbunker, a 100,000-square-foot nuclear shelter in Carp, Ontario, about a half hour west of Ottawa. Completed in 1962, this remarkable facility, officially known as Canadian Forces Station Carp, was intended to house the government in the event of a nuclear war.

C.F.S. Carp was decommissioned in 1994. Today the Diefenbunker is a museum of the Cold War.

My show consisted of four multi-media installations. Since the installations were located in areas open to the self-touring public, I created this pamphlet to place the works in context for visitors to the museum, as well as an e-vite and media release.

My exhibition received a great deal of very positive publicity. In addition to coverage in a variety of local Ottawa media, I was interviewed by Alan Neal on CBC’s All in a Day show and was reviewed in cmagazine, a national art magazine.