Heiress (brochure)

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A booklet I designed and proofread to accompany a show at articule, a Montreal artist-run centre where I serve as a board of directors member. I don’t usually do design work … but I can!

Click here for a PDF version.

To learn more about the artists in the publication, or the exhibition curator:

Kerri Flannigan

Kandis Friesen

Emma-Kate Guimond

Daniel Barrow, Curator


UNICEF Canada (articles)

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In 2011 I wrote a variety of newsletter articles for UNICEF Canada focusing on the organization’s achievements and challenges around the world. Here are two examples, published in the Fall/Winter 2011 edition of UNICEF’s newsletter, For Every Child.

Texting the way to better child health

ECD kits provide playful learning

Guys in Caves (brochure)

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I mounted my Master of Fine Arts thesis show, titled “Guys in Caves,” in the Diefenbunker, a 100,000-square-foot nuclear shelter in Carp, Ontario, about a half hour west of Ottawa. Completed in 1962, this remarkable facility, officially known as Canadian Forces Station Carp, was intended to house the government in the event of a nuclear war.

C.F.S. Carp was decommissioned in 1994. Today the Diefenbunker is a museum of the Cold War.

My show consisted of four multi-media installations. Since the installations were located in areas open to the self-touring public, I created this pamphlet to place the works in context for visitors to the museum, as well as an e-vite and media release.

My exhibition received a great deal of very positive publicity. In addition to coverage in a variety of local Ottawa media, I was interviewed by Alan Neal on CBC’s All in a Day show and was reviewed in cmagazine, a national art magazine.

Dismembership (brochure)

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handbill I created for a 2008 group exhibition featuring works by myself, Laura Findlay and Dominique Martineau.

Peace Projections (newsletter)

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As interim coordinator for Project Peacemakers, a Winnipeg faith-based NGO, in the summer of 2003, I redesigned the organization’s newsletter. While I only produced a single issue (the contract was only for a few months), the organization is still using the design template I created.

Anti-War Leaflets

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A couple of leaflets I wrote and designed while organizer of the Manitoba No War Coalition in 2003.

• Hiroshima Day Lanterns for Peace leaflet

• Peace Works, Missile Defense Doesn’t leaflet

NDP Literature (newsletters, brochures)

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Materials I wrote, edited and/or designed while employed as a Constituency Assistant for Marianne Cerilli, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Radisson (Manitoba). The general design or “look” was produced by the NDP’s provincial caucus office and subsequently adapted by me. I put together the content from text composed by myself, Marianne Cerilli and NDP caucus staff, as well as some material from other sources.

• Newsletter, February 2003 — featuring Manitoba government and Radisson community news.

• Community Calling Card — a handy list of important telephone numbers issued to Radisson constituents.