Editing Services


  • Books, articles, and essays
  • Art gallery guides and catalogues
  • Magazines, newspapers, and newsletters
  • Websites, e-mails, and PowerPoint presentations

Don’t see your job type in this list? Please ask me if I can do your job!

Call me anytime: 514-566-3364. Or send me an e-mail: epjanzen@gmail.com.


I have hired Edwin Janzen several times for both copy-editing and proofreading over the past couple of years. He has always delivered on time and to specifications, showing a wonderful attention to detail in his work. Furthermore, he is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone with the ready ability to engage with the written word. —Marie Clausén, Managing Editor and Production Manager, University of Ottawa Press

Edwin has an easy understanding and feeling for what an author intends to say. His corrections support but never undermine the meaning of a text, but in fact give it an extra polish. Edwin respects tight timeframes, individual requirements and the author’s own personality. He is prompt and communicative—and totally fun to work with. —Heike Geist, DMin Candidate, Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto


Proofreading.  Even small errors are embarrassing and can damage credibility. The proofread is your “final pair of eyes,” conducted to catch errors, including formatting errors, that may somehow have slipped by the writer and previous editors. The proofread can be done electronically or on paper copy.

Copy Editing.  The copy edit ensures correct spelling, grammar and syntax, as well as proper use of punctuation. This edit attends to consistency of textual elements: verb tenses, parallel constructions, and so on—but also even to general readability and style. Finally, the copy edit also often involves some basic fact checking.

Substantive Editing. The substantive edit addresses the content and organization of your document, ensuring a logical progression and consistency in your points or arguments. Your document is revised and text shifted around where necessary to ensure that your copy reads well and has an intelligent “flow.” This edit also ensures that illustrations, tables and diagrams are appropriate and positioned properly.

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